Building location description

The residential building is located in Arabkir district, next to Verin Antarain street, Saralanj avenue, the official address is 50 Aghbyur Serob. It can be reached within a 10-minute walk of the Cascade, Rio Mall. Thanks to this new building, the 955 square meters of deserted area in the not so good condition of Yerevan Arabkir district will get a completely new meaning.  Hopefully a new urban development environment will be created - ecologically clean and green.

The building is located on a complex relief, in two parallel areas surrounded by streets of community significance.

  • The southern Front opens onto a natural gorge, which overlooks the opposite cliff.
  • The North Front opens onto a newly formed small community road.
  • The Arjelyan Front partly overlooks Saralanj Avenue, partly over the almost deaf wall of the  building.
  • The western Front opens onto the adjoining gardens.
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